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We Endeavour

To help our clients resolve all legal matters in an efficient manner with due consideration of their financial and emotional situation. We consider it our duty to ensure excellent delivery of services to our clients. 

Mr. Lashari has been thorough, to the point and always been of great help.

Farah Zubair

Chief Executive 

Pearl Securities Ltd


Corporate law deals with the rights, relations, and obligations of persons, organizations, businesses, and companies.

The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan (BMP) is an institution that deals with banking, finance, and securities-related matters and dispute.

Getting your NGO registered provides a lot of benefits and saves you from hassles in the longer run.

The concept of trust protects the interests and rights of a person or persons who for any reason, cannot protect them by themselves.

Divorce is a legal procedure to dissolve the marriage.

e-commerce law deals with online transactions protects your online data and regulates terms and conditions related to online privacy.

The concept of mergers, demergers, and acquisitions refers to the selling, buying, and combining of various companies.

Legal contracts include manufacturing contracts, employment contracts, share purchase contracts, non-competition contracts...

A body of dispute resolution mechanisms apart from litigation in courts. 

Dedicated to securing the intellectual property of individuals, companies, firms, etc. from being exploited.

Keeping your patents and designs protected minimizes the risk of fraud or stealing.


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