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Attestation, Legalization, and Authorization

In law, the concepts of attestation, legalization, and authorization deal with the practice of authenticating professional documents. Moreover, it deals with obtaining an embassy or apostille for the purpose of authentication. It can be a tiring and confusing process if you do not have the right connections. This is where the lawyers come in and help in resolving any bureaucratic barriers stopping you from authenticating your essential documents. 



What documents can be attested, legalized, or authorized?​

The following documents can be attested, legalized, or authorized:

  • Commercial documents

  • Civil documents

  • Marriage certificate

  • Police clearance certificate

  • Duplicate of original documents

  • Educational degrees and diplomas

  • Court documents

  • Transcripts

Whose attestation is mandatory for the authentication of educational documents?

Educational documents must be signed by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman IBCC, and degrees issued by universities should be attested by the HEC (Higher Education Commission). Moreover, technical skills certificate is to be attested by the National Vocational Technical Training Commission and the local technical board. An ACCA certificate should be attested by the British Council & ACCA.

What if my educational documents were issued from another country?

If your educational documents were issued from abroad, then you have to get their equivalence attested from the HEC and the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC).

Who attests certificates issued by Madaris?

The certificates issued by the Madaris should be attested by IBCC, HEC, and the Waqaful Madaris.

Who attests a Bonafide Certificate?

If a university issues the Bonafide certificate should be attested by the Registrar or Deputy Registrar of that university. If you are a regular student, then a photocopy of your university ID card, or if you are a former student, then a copy of your degree or leaving certificate is required. However, if a school or college issues a Bonafide certificate, then it must be attested by the District Education Officer or the Director of that school or college.

How must a nikkah nama be stamped?

The original nikkah nama must be stamped and signed by the Nikkah Registrar at the Union Council.

What about a nikkah nama issued in Azad Jammu and Kashmir?

This type of nikkah nama is to be stamped and signed by the Tehsil Mufti.

How to legalize a foreign marriage in Pakistan?

The marriage certificate of the wedding along with the passport of the foreign spouse, their date of entry in Pakistan, and their Pakistani visa must be present only then the concerned Union Council shall attest it.

Is attestation of a copy of the divorce certificate required? If yes, then by which authority?

Yes, a photocopy of a divorce certificate requires attestation from the authority it was issued.

What about divorce proceeding papers?

Divorce proceeding papers are to be attested by the concerned arbitration council.

What is an unmarried certificate, and why is it required?

It is a single marital certificate and authenticates the fact that you are unmarried. This certificate is typically used as a piece of legal evidence for the importance of registration of important documents, such as a passport etc.

What should I know about the attestation of an unmarried certificate?

An unmarried certificate must be stamped and signed by the Secretary of the Union Council which issued that certificate.

What is necessary for the attestation of a death certificate?

A death certificate is to be attested through the signature of a Deputy Medical Superintendent or Medical Superintendent of a government hospital. Moreover, it should contain an ID card cancellation certificate.

What about the attestation of commercial or business documents?

These documents are to be attested by the executives of the company along with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What about international travel documents?

The documents pertaining to international traveling are to be attested by the main or regional office of the Department of Tourist Services. Moreover, immigration documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is the correct way to get a manufacturing license attested?

A manufacturing license is to be attested on the letterhead of the company or firm by the concerned Chamber of Commerce.

Who attests Experience Certificates?

Take a look into the following list and see who should attest your Experience Certificate:

  1. Electrician/ Mechanic/ Technician - National Training Bureau or National Vocational and Technical Training Center

  2. Pilot/ Steward/ Air Hostess – Civil Aviation Authority

  3. Teaching – Director of that education institution / District Education Officer

  4. Chef/ Bus Hostess/ Beautician – Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC)

  5. Accountant – ACCA Pakistan

  6. Engineer – Pakistan Engineering Council

  7. Rescue – District and Provincial Emergency Services

  8. Sports – Headquarters or regional offices of the Pakistan Sports Board


What about the documents or certificates issued from outside of Pakistan?

Any personal document or certificate, such as the birth/ death certificate, or experience certificate, if issued from an authority outside from Pakistan, should be attested by Pakistani Embassy of that country.

How to legalize a power of attorney issued from abroad?

A power of attorney issued from abroad must be attested from the Pakistan Embassy or Consulate in the concerned country. After this attestation, it shall be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The advocate must visit the Ministry in person along with his/ her CNIC.


How long will that power of attorney remain valid?

The document shall remain valid for 120 days from the date the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attested it.

How to attest the power of attorneys being submitted abroad?

All power of attorneys for abroad shall be drafted on a stamp paper and must contain passport size pictures of the executant. They are to be attested by the District Registrar.

Which documents do not require attestation?

The following documents are not to be attested:

  • ID cards and their translations

  • FIR and criminal judgment

  • Visa notes

  • Domicile

  • Insurance papers

  • Charity documents

  • Slaughter certificate

  • ISO standardization certificates

  • Reference letters from educational institutions

  • Halal certificate

  • Certificate of TOEFL or IELTS


Information contained in the above FAQs is for general understanding purposes only and may have altered or have become incorrect owing to variation in factual aspects and evolving laws, therefore, should not be treated as an alternate to professional legal advice.

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