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Companies Mr. Lashari acted for include the following:

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan

Insight Securities (Pvt.) Limited 

DPG Systems Limited 

Octo3 Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited 
Mitchell’s Fruits Farms Limited
Lahore Chamber of Commerce 
Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives 
National Commission for Justice and Peace 
Kissan Fruit Growers (Pvt.) Limited
Honeywell Developers (Pvt.) Limited
Askari Bank Limited
MCB Bank Limited
Faysal Bank Limited
Summit Bank Limited
Human Rights Focus Pakistan
Royal Bank of Scotland 
Pakistan Engineering Company Limited
Foundation Securities (Pvt.) Limited
Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan   
Pearl Securities Limited 
Sukh Chayn Gardens (Pvt.) Limited
Pearl Capital Management (Pvt.) Limited
Musa Noor Muhammad Shahzada (Pvt.) Limited 
Adeel and Nadeem Securities (Pvt.) Limited
Chemi Viscofibre (Pvt.) Limited
Haider Fruit Growers (Pvt.) Limited
Punjab Fruit Growers (Pvt.) Limited
Nippon Pakistan (Pakistan) (Private) Limited
First National Equities Limited
BRR Guardian Modaraba
First Dawood Investment Bank Limited 
Sherman Securities (Pvt.) Limited
KASB Securities Limited
Y. H. Securities (Pvt.) Limited
HSZ Securities (Pvt.) Limited
First Pakistan Securities Limited
Switch Securities (Pvt.) Limited
Florence Developers (Pvt.) Limited
Maha Securities (Pvt.) Limited
Fairtrade Securities (Pvt.) Limited 
East West Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited
Maymar Housing Services (Pvt.) Limited
Pakistan State Oil 
Allied Bank Limited
Soneri Bank Limited
Maymar Holdings (Pvt) Limited
Avanceon Limited
Din Capital Pvt. Limited
Trust Securities and Brokerage Limited
Kiran Foundation
Ittehad Developers 

Excel Technologies 

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