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Only those assignments are mentioned, and to the extent, where no confidentiality is breached. 

  • Have conducted multiple legal analyses and structured innovative contractual arrangements in resolving complex correlation of differing parties having  pooled their resources for a multibillion CPEC project.  The assignment involved various conference meetings, critically analysing extensive tender documents, making addendums in resolving discrepancies and evaluating and settling public private partnership arrangement.

  • Have worked on a detailed service contract entered between CollectExpress Limited and Jeton Global E-Wallet. The contract comprised of various aspects of services that had to be legally evaluated in the light of laws prevalent in varying jurisdictions.

  • Have worked for DPG Pvt. Limited on its extensive contract with National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT).  The contract needed critical evaluations and appropriate advisory at various levels.

  • Have conducted negotiations on behalf of a food producing company having extensive national and export interests with a team of a renowned international food brand.  The negotiations continued for several days consisting of multiple sessions in which various aspects of the contract were critically evaluated and were successfully negotiated.

  • Have been appointed as counsel and argued for State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan in CPD 2670/2010 before the Honourable Sindh High Court, Karachi, involving complicated legal aspects requiring detailed assessment of the facts involved and the case law. The case was previously handled for State Life by Mr. Khalid Javaid Khan who then joined as the Attorney General of Pakistan.      

  • Have structured a detailed Joint Venture contract between an international brand OCTO3 Technology and B2BSpirit.  The contract needed critical evaluations of each parties expectations and multiple sessions of communication in ensuring in-depth configuration of all technical aspects.     

  • Strategized and structured series of agreements for Summit Bank Limited, First National Equities Limited, First Pakistan Securities Limited, Switch Securities (Pvt.) Limited, and First Florence Developers (Pvt.) Limited, involving several complicated interrelated transactions with a lot of detail to cater to.

  • Strategized and drafted structured agreements for Faysal Bank Limited for Yarmouk Paper & Board Industries (Pvt.) Limited, Accord Processing & Trading Works (Pvt.) Limited and Novelty Fabrics Processing Mills Limited.

  •  Acted for State Life Corporation of Pakistan in First Appeals 173/2011, 174/2011, 175/2011 and Execution Appeals 53/2011, 47/2011, 48/2011 before the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, all decided in favour.  The cases had utmost importance with regard to the case law settled on the issue of liquidated damages.

  • Acted for Royal Bank of Scotland in COS 88/2010 before the Hon’ble Lahore High Court in a huge recovery case involving extensive document analysis and multiple sessions of arguments; case ultimately decided in favour of the bank.

  • Acted for a litigant in old pending Civil Revision 1639-D/1992 before the Hon’ble Lahore High Court involving complicated questions of law and fact. After hearing the detailed arguments the court was pleased to reverse the concurrent judgments of the previous courts and retrieved the litigant his valuable property comprising of several kanals situated in posh area of Lahore.

  • Acted for a reputed Karachi based builder in conducting a detailed legal analysis on a joint venture consortium having association with six additional entities that all collectively won a tender of building affordable housing in Karachi. The work involved critical evaluation of extensive data and cutting edge advice on the queries raised. 

  • Acted for Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Limited in a case of illegal tax imposition arraigning the Federation of Pakistan, Deputy Collector Large Tax Payers Units, Collector of Customs, Sales Tax and Federal Excise Appeals and other related entities before the Hon’ble Lahore High Court and after extensive preparations the case decided in favour of the company.

  • Acted for a litigant belonging to a minority group in saving him from unjustified decision of the Board of Revenue by successfully challenging the decision before the Bahawalpur bench of the Hon’ble Lahore High Court.

  • Acted for Pakistan Engineering Company Limited for negotiating and structuring strategic agreements with Chinese company having subsidiary in Pakistan called Zhongxing Telecom Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited. The work involved face to face negotiations, extensive analysis of documents and cutting edge advice on queries raised.

  • Acted for Lahore Chamber of Commerce in drafting and advising on LCCI Employees Rules 2009. 

  • Acted for Pearl Securities in advising it on the matter of IGI Investment Bank Limited acquisition which involved comprehensive analysis of the entire offered portfolio and legal precautions Pearl Securities must take.

  • Acted for Pakistan Engineering Company Limited before SECP at Islamabad in i) Show Cause Notice dated April 3, 2012 issued for explaining violations under sections 226, 229 and 476 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, ii) Show Cause Notice dated April 17, 2012 issued for explaining violations under sections 196, 492 and 476 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, and iii) Show Cause Notice dated April 3, 2012 issued for explaining violations under sections 218 read with 476 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.  All proceedings concluded in favor of PECO.

  • Acted for Pakistan Engineering Company in conducting legal analysis on emergency procurement under Public Procurement Rules 2004 by PECO, after PECO received a letter from Transparency International, Pakistan objecting at shortage of response time for procuring certain materials.

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