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Mr. Muhammad Ali Lashari has served diversified clientele throughout Pakistan and abroad. He has extensively advised on matters concerning corporate and securities laws, contract laws, intellectual property matters, public private partnerships, SPVs, consortiums and joint ventures, property laws, bidding processes, building laws, trust, civil and banking matters, electronic transactional laws, digitalization, family inter se financial settlements and on matters concerning government and non government organizations.  He has structured hundreds of transactions for corporate and individual clients, represented them before courts, tribunals and in arbitration and appeared as a defense counsel in multifaceted trials including white collar crimes. He extensively represented banking and insurance companies in civil and corporate litigation, advised foreign companies on intercontinental contracts involving East Asia and Europe, advised builders, contractors, CPEC related matters, consortiums, PSPs, securities brokers, real estate brokers, and drafted and vetted structured contracts for them.  He successfully conducted several murder trials prior to switching to corporate and civil law practice in 2007. Beside professional engagements, he takes keen interest in academia and taught subjects of "Interpretation of Statutes" and "Conveyancing and Pleadings" for four years (2008 to 2012) to students of final year, Pakistan College of Law.  He also worked on understanding judicial system of USA in purview of its Constitution and visited New York Supreme Court for studying court proceedings and impact jury would have on that, besides took courses with Yale University on understanding written and unwritten aspects of the Constitution. He also studied at Harvard where he completed a graduate course with distinction. In 2016 he was invited to Washington D.C. to conduct briefings on minorities issues and was thoroughly appreciated on his insights.  He did BSc in 1999 from SEC, LLB in 2002 from BLC, is a member of LBA since 2003 and LHCBA since 2005. 

Mr. Lashari is supported by a capable team of associates and para legal staff.

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